How we are financed

We are motivated to make things happen and to fulfill our dream we must articulate not only the wills of those who execute urban and social projects, but also seek the resources that allow us to design and build cities, neighborhoods and housing in a different way. For the same reason, we seek to diversify ways to finance our model, which respond to the commitment of the public sector, private sector and individuals who are committed to our purpose. Data for 2019.

Convenios con transferencia de recursos

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Operational expenses

Our management model is based on increasing and strengthening investment in people, which means providing the best human resources to work with communities, organizations, companies and institutions. To rebuild trust and strengthen good treatment, we must have a multidisciplinary team that addresses all the components (social, urban, communicational and legal) that influence the way in which social and urban projects are implemented.


Our commitment is to have a team with the best working conditions, which contributes to equity and inclusion. We strongly believe that civil society is a fundamental agent in the generation of employment and we must set an example in the way we relate to the people who work in our institutions. We want to do it differently and we have worked hard to achieve it. *according to data from February 2021